Dutch Greenhouse Delta: increasing Chinese attention to greenhouses

Interview Gert Dral & Michael Min

In China, the middle class and the need for fresh and safe food are growing rapidly, but at the same time, the Chinese agricultural sector is struggling with several sustainability issues. Dutch knowledge and horticultural experience provide optimal solutions for the development of sustainable agriculture in China. Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) presents the entire horticultural value chain in the Netherlands and cooperates with the Chinese government at several levels in order to contribute to the supply of fresh and safe food in China. Gert Dral, the Head of DGD Asia Pacific, and Michael Min, DGD’s representative in China, discuss the developments in Chinese agriculture and the cooperation with the Chinese government and local companies.

‘’At present, DGD focuses on the needs of the first-tier cities along the coast of China, where the economy is growing rapidly, and the demand for better, fresher, healthier, and safer food is also stronger.’’ Gert Dral explains: ‘’People here are willing to buy safe and high-quality food at reasonable prices. We have carried out many activities in Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao, and have received strong support from the local government. Most of our partner companies have their own representatives or branches in China. Under such an industrial cluster, we can provide knowledge sharing in every link from agricultural planning, greenhouse design and construction, seeds, operations, and brand marketing.’’

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