Chinese consumenten kiezen steeds vaker voor tomaten uit kas

Chinese consumenten kiezen steeds vaker voor tomaten uit kas

The Seedling Technology Industrial Park, constructed by Changzhou Jialv Gardening Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province. 

The entire park covers an area of ​​12 hectares, of which 8 hectares of glass smart greenhouses are planted with flowers, vegetables, seedlings, and other crops, mainly tomatoes and potted roses.

The current area is 5,000 square meters, and the planting area will be further expanded in the future. We have planted many varieties of Dutch seed companies, and the output can reach 20kg/m2. Energy is the biggest challenge we face in the process of planting. The heating cost in winter is particularly high, about 20 RMB per m2.

Tomato consumption is not like flowers. Although people's economic level has improved, it is still not enough to put flowers in the same daily consumption as food. Flower consumption is very seasonal, and many people only have the habit of buying flowers during festivals. At the same time, the brand differentiation of flower consumption is not obvious, and it is difficult for consumers to identify and repurchase the same brand repeatedly. People remember our Lianglv tomato brand after tasting it, and the repurchase rate is very high.  

For tomatoes used in cooking, people still prefer to buy ordinary tomatoes that are cheaper at 4-5 RMB/kg on the market."

"The market still prefers brightly colored roses, such as orange and red roses. There are many cut roses in Yunnan, and cut roses are also very suitable for transportation. However, the transportation cost of potted roses is high and the damage rate is high.